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About Us

 Marie and David Wagner have lived and worked in Alaska for over 35 years. The word Cheechako is defined in the Urban Dictionary as: A new-comer to Alaska, ignorant of the terrain, the weather, the animals, the culture, the necessary driving skills in the winter, etc. Opposite of a Sourdough.

We've been around long enough to be considered Sourdough's, having the good fortune to experience much of what the Greatland has to offer. Anyone who says they've seen and done it all is stretching the truth a little or a lot. I can say this, if we haven't personally experienced it we probably know someone who has and if we don't we'll find about it and get you the facts. Marie has an extensive background in the tourist and hospitality industry she understands the value of real service. As a U.S. Coast Guard licensed 500 ton Master of Vessels I have had the privilege of seeing a lot of Alaska and other parts of the world from the water. As a commercial and charter boat captain and tour ship captain I can steer you the right way for a shipboard adventure. Marie and I have worked in the tour and travel industry for over 20 years in Alaska, Belize and other places. Our personal and professional travels have taught us the importance of dealing with people with local knowledge. Take a look around the site, you'll find information on sightseeing, sight-seeing, fishing, hunting, scuba diving, birdwatching, rail tours, lodging and much more. Give us a call or drop a line with your questions, we want a chance to earn your business.