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 Wanna go fishing? We know about fishing, where to go and who to go with. Sidekick Tours puts anglers together with guides who not only know the where and how, they do it with style, enthusiasm and most importantly their number one priority is your safety.

  1. Safety First
     You wouldn't trust just anyone to take you and your family out on a boat, particularly on the ocean or a large river. As a boat and ship captain with 3 decades of experience on the water I am not about to send a friend or a client out with someone I don't know.  We only do business with seasoned, U.S. Coast Guard licensed personnel operating safe, reliable vessels. If we can't personally vouch for them we don't use them.
  2. Fun
     It's got to be fun, right? Watching someone land their first fish is a blast! Helping an angler who's biggest catch to date is a 20 ounce Bluegill land a Silver or King Salmon still full of fight or haul in a huge Halibut nearly as big, sometimes bigger, than they are is FUN! A good Captain and crew have as much fun as their clients, we know who to "hook you up with for the time of your life."
  3. Value
     You want the best value, not necessarily the cheapest. All our fishing guides use top quality equipment that is well maintained and designed to give you the quality experience you deserve.