Custom Alaska Adventures

From 4 hour wildlife & glacier tours to multi-day adventure cruises. Experience Alaska with Sidekick Tours.

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Cruise itineraries 

Our cruising itinerary will allow you to view everything Alaska has to offer. What's different from a large boat cruise is that you will be able to view the Inside Passage up close. Anchor in private bays and coves, access inlets and waterways that the large cruise ships can't navigate because of their size. It's not uncommon to have whales surface and spray the deck with water!

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Lots of activities

All of our excursions are included in your trip price. There isn't an extra charge to play more, fish more, kayak more, or just sit on the deck and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Thunderous waterfalls can be viewed as they pound their way straight into the sea-enveloping the boat in a fog of mist-or on the shore when we stop to hike inland.

Many cruise lines will make you pick an activity for your trip and charge you if you want to experience more. We want our guests to have new and fantastic experiences; and that is why we are called Sidekick Tours.

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